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On July 1, 2015, NKESC switched our mail provider from S&T Mail to Gmail.

Your email address has not change!

To check your mail, click on the Gmail tab at the top of the website. Until September 1st, you can log-in to your S&T mail and access past emails, but you will not receive mail here.


*Please Note: If you check your email through a Mail Client on your computer, i.e. Mac Mail, Outlook, etc. – you need to change the settings to now receive mail through Google. If you have any questions, call Scott, or you can stop by the office, and we will do it for you!


Gmail Login and Password

Your login is the same: first initial lastname@nkesc.org

Temporary Password: lastname first initial (or lastname first initial 602 or lastname first initial nkesc602) there in a minimum requirement for 8 characters, so passwords were set depending on how many letters were in your name.  After you log in for the first time, you can re-set your password. Email support@nkesc.org if you have trouble logging in.

Other helpful information when you log-in for the first time:

1.     Don't be alarmed! You have been receiving mail in this account since April 15th. Most of the mail you probably have already read! Check especially for email since         July 1.

2.     Please check your SPAM mail frequently, as we've noticed many emails filtering there.

3.    Gmail inherrently groups emails together as "conversations". If you do not care for this style, go to your settings (the gear wheel on the top right of the screen); go down to settings; and change conversation view to off. Remember to Save Changes at the very bottom of the screen.


Need some more information?

Click here to access a training PowerPoint (you will need to log in to Google first)

Click here for answers to Frequenty Asked Questions


I would like one-on-one HELP!

Interested in a one-on-one training session? Or need to ask more questions?

Email support@nkesc.org anytime.

Or schedule an appointment (by clicking their name) with

Janine Hayden (available 8 am - 10am)

Brandi Bloom (available 10 am - 12 pm) or

Scott Gee (available 1 pm - 3 pm).