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Quickbase Instructions


    www.nkesc.org website – click on Time Machine

    Log in using your email as your user name and the password you selected.

    Click on the 2017-2018 NKESC Time Machine – You will then be at your HOME page.


Employee Links

    Time Sheet Button

        New Time Sheet

  1. Date Field – ALWAYS click on the calendar pick the first day of your work week and the system will automatically put in the Week Beginning Date

  2. Table at the middle of the page -  Click on the first box under the date column.  Enter the date of your first day of work that week.

    1. Moving across it will automatically enter the day of the week. Tab to USD # You can either start to type the school you are at or there will be a drop down you can choose from.

    2. Next is the Service Code – You can either start typing the service code if you know it or there will be a drop down menu.  

    3. In Hour – put in your start time

    4. In Minutes – put in by the quarter hour

    5. In AM/PM  

    6. Out Hour and Minutes same explanation as above.

    7. Remarks is for the description of what you did for the day and/or who you worked with during that time (using initials only)

  3. Continue to add entries for the week. Saving at the end of each day.  When you go back in the next day to enter more time click on the time sheet button. On the left hand side it will show your saved time sheet.  Click the eyeball on the left side.  Your timesheet you started will appear – to make changes click on Edit at the top right.  Then you can continue to add time on the grid.  If you need to change a line, just type over what is there.

  4. If you make an error and need to delete a line you must be in edit – then you click on the box to the left of the date on the line you need to back space. A line will go through the entry then you need to save.

  5. At the end of the week SAVE and click the submit time sheet button. You won’t be able to see the timesheet once it has been submitted, but you will be able to see the entries you made on the right side when you click the timesheet button.

  6. Other buttons under the Time Sheet button are: submitted timesheets, rejected timesheets and approved timesheets for your reference. If a log has been rejected you should also receive an email.

  7. NOTE: You have to have times in before it will let you save.  You can put in 0 as start time and stop time to save a record to be changed at a later date.


Employee Links

    Leave Requests

        New Leave (The same form is used for all leaves)

  1. Date Field – ALWAYS click on the calendar to select your date.

  2. Type of Absence - Pull Down Menu to select the type of leave.

    1. If you choose professional leave three other sections will appear to complete the type of activity, location and name of activity

    2. Additional Information

    3. Add Requisition – will pop up the purchase requisition form to complete for motels, registrations etc. Save and submit the requisition, then proceed with the leave portion.

  3. Reason for Leave – Text field

  4. Date Begin and Date End – to add a time click the calendar for the date, then space and type the time (8 am) then tab

  5. Additional Information – check the box if a sub needs or was hired.

  6. Email notifications – put one or more emails to notify of your leave with commas between email addresses.  

  7. SAVE and Submit Leave.


Employee Links

    Requisitions (To request permission to order something)

        New Requisition

  1. Fill in the Company information, Grant Information if applicable, and Account Information

  2. Orders

    1. Click add order button it will ask you to save then will direct you to enter your items.  If you have more than one item to order click on the Save button arrow and pull down to save and add another until you have entered all your items.  If you would like to put the shipping in do that before your last save, without entering page # etc.  After your last save you will be directed back to the requisition page.

    2. Add comments if needed and SAVE and then click the Submit Requisition Button.  

    3. If you find need to change an entry, click on the pencil beside that entry, you will then be able to make changes.

    4. You can follow your requisition through the saved, submitted and rejected buttons.


Employee Links

    Expense Voucher (To be reimbursed to you)

        New Expense Voucher

  1. Complete the date by clicking the calendar.

  2. Line 1 date, account name and number, total miles for that day, Reason -  Pull Down Menu for A, B, or C miles etc.  Other Claimed – $ amount for something other than miles, meals or lodging

  3. Total Claimed will calculate.

  4. Comments can include where you traveled etc.

  5. To attach a receipt to the expense voucher:

    1. Scan your receipt or take a picture of your receipt so it is saved on the hard drive of whatever device you are using.

    2. Click the Browse (Firefox) or Choose File (Safari)

    3. You can select one or more than one receipt at a time.

      1. Selecting one receipt – click on that receipts file then click open (Firefox) or choose (Safari)

      2. Selecting more than one receipt – can be done using google drive – will be instructed in a break out session.

  6. Save and Submit

Car Logs/Requests


Click the Car-Logs/Requests Button on your Home Page

Car Logs

  • Click the “New Car Log” Button

    • Enter the Month

    • Make sure that Your Name is populated in the Employee Name Field

    • Select your vehicle # from the pull down

    • Fill out the Log as if it were a Paper Pencil Log

    • Attach Receipts (Multiple ways to do this) (See Expense Voucher)

    • Make sure that you save after entering a new log or editing an existing log.


    • At the end of the Month click Submit button

    • You can only save One Car Log per month (You will get an Error message if you try to save more.


Lease Car Request Form

  • Click the “New Car Request Form” Button

    • The Date Field Automatically populates, it should be marked as Today’s Date.  (This does not denote the day(s) that you want the car)

    • Make Sure the Related Employee Field Contains your name.

    • Fill out the Form (Your Start and End Dates for your request are on the Form)



Employee Calendar


  • Click the Employee Calendar Button on your Home Page.

    • Make sure your name is populated in the Employee Field

    • Make Sure the correct School Year is populated in the School Year field.

    • Enter the Start Date and End Date and hours that you will work during those dates in the Form.

      • If you will work the same number of days each day you can Select the Monday date and then the Friday date and populate the whole week in one entry.

      • If you are scheduled to work different hours each day, you will need to put each day in the start and end dates with the time scheduled for that day.

    • You will submit 1 Calendar per Year.  If you need to edit your Calendar after it is submitted and approved you will need to make a request to your Department Admin. to allow you to edit your Calendar. (Via email)