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Fall 2023 Technical Assistance

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Individual Plan of Study (IPS) Fall 2023 Statewide Technical Assistance


Date:   October 2, 2023

Time:   9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


The Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) will be providing Individual Plan of Study (IPS) Technical Assistance opportunities in the fall at educational service centers.


Discussion will be held regarding the IPS requirements that include the process implemented by each school district and the product or plan created by each student. The IPS Digital Reference Guide will be reviewed with participants.


The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) - KSDE IPS Partnership will be discussed. REL has collaborated with KSDE to develop resources to support Kansas IPS implementation and student participation. The resources include a scope and sequence document, an electronic portfolio recommendation and outcomes document, and an education and career goal setting implementation recommendations and outcomes document. The resource documents will be reviewed and shared with participants.


The Kansas Work-Based Learning (WBL) Continuum that includes Elementary Career Field Awareness, Middle School Career and Technical Education (CTE) Cluster Exploration, and High School CTE Career Pathway Preparation will be reviewed. Examples of WBL experiences across the continuum will be presented and participants will be encouraged to share WBL experiences demonstrated in local districts.


Post-secondary educational resources and labor market informational resources created by state agencies will be shared.


District representatives and IPS district teams are encouraged to attend that may include teachers, counselors, and administrators.

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