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Important Message from the Executive Director

Each year the business office is expected to develop and implement protocols that meet new, revised, and/or enforced tax regulations.  This year is no different.  What is different is that one of the protocols we must develop and implement may have a direct impact on every one of us who submit purchase requisitions for equipment, supplies, or services. 

To make a very long and complicated situation short and understandable, let me say it like this.  Every business or individual we purchase equipment, supplies, or services from will be required to submit the tax form "W-9".  This form will provide the business office with the information they need to set-up vendor files that will allow us to provide tax documents that are now required.  If the vendor chooses not to submit this form, the vendor will be removed from our business list and we will no longer maintain a business relationship with the vendor.

The impact this will have on all of us is the potential that purchase orders may have a hold put on them until we can secure the "W-9" document.  This will require everyone to plan well in advance. We are in the process of creating a list of vendors that currently have "W-9" documents on file with us.  For those that do not, we will be contacting with instructions on what they need to do.  I will provide an update on this process during our February in-service.

If you have any questions let me know.

Dan Thornton