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Deaf and Hard Hearing Information

Hello!  Welcome to our DHH page and I hope this finds you well.  Below are a lot of websites and handouts to support your child/student 

who has hearing loss in all ages/grades.  


Olivia Fellhoelter -

Hearing LOSS simulation

FM system and HA simulation   

How to Use Paraprofessional Staff & Related Services Staff to Differentiate Communication:

Video to Explain How the Ear Works:

Hearing Loss Overview:

How to Connect Cochlear Wireless Mini Mic 2+:

Parents Guide in Childhood Hearing Loss, Listening, Language and Speech:

Manos y Voces Recursos en Espanol:

Resources for Parents & Professionals Who Have a Child/Student with Hearing Loss:

Basic Baby Sign Language Video:

How to Use/Connect to Roger Inspiro FM System:

Working with Interpreters in the Classroom:

More DHH Resources: