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Assistive Technology for Kansans is the Kansas statewide assistive technology program which has AT Access Sites across the state, including Oakley and Garden City.   ATK connects people with disabilities and health conditions of all ages with the assistive technology they need to learn, work, play, and participate in community life safely and independently.


The access sites have experienced staff who can assist Kansans see and try a device, borrow a device, get a used device or help locate funding for a new or used device, or teach individuals or groups how to maintain and use technology.  


ATK has devices to demonstrate in the areas of vision, hearing, speech communication, computer access, daily living tasks, mobility, vehicle modifications, environmental modifications, recreation and sports, and learning, organization and memory. 


Northwest Kansas AT Access Site,  Oakley, KS

Assistive Technology Department of Northwest Kansas Educational   Service Center (NKESC)

Karin Rasmussen

PHONE: 785-672-3125   Ext. 144


Southwest Kansas AT Access Site, Garden City, KS

302 Fleming,  Suite 8E

PHONE:  785-673-9609 NKESC: 785-672-3125 Ext. 147

Contact us at:  1-800-KAN DO IT (1-800-526-3648)

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