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The Vocational Department consists of Vocational Coordinators and a Vocational Evaluator to serve students in special education, beginning at least by the age of 14, in districts within the NKESC area.  The Vocational Coordinators are a resource to Interrelated Teachers and are members of the multidisciplinary team in the districts they serve, to help develop the Individual Transition Education Plan. Transition planning is a coordinated set of activities for the student, which promotes movement from school to post-school activities, keeping in mind the student’s interests, preferences, and needs. Some additional activities carried out by the Vocational Coordinators include assisting other team members by doing activities and strategies with students in the areas of instruction, community participation, employment /career, recreation and leisure, daily living, assessments, and related services.  Activities and strategies could include arranging opportunities for job exploration and college exploration, giving career assessments, and connecting students and their families with community agencies to promote a smooth transition.  The Vocational Evaluator interviews students, administers the Career Scope, and provides a written report and information about careers and post-secondary institutions.

The Transition Resource Mini-Directory can be found under Resources and Information.