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The Northwest Kansas Educational Service Center (NKESC) Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program provides services to identified children and youth Birth – 21 throughout 19 member school districts.  DHH Services exist to provide equal educational access and opportunity to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students through professional interpreting and advising services.  The goal of our program is to assist the students to:


Persist in their education to graduation. Develop self-advocacy skills.

Achieve independence through access to all programs and services.

Provide information for parents.

Provide information to Teachers.

Deaf Culture Resources.

Signing Resources.


Infant Toddler Services are based on identification and family outcomes.  We work within the natural environment unique to that child using the coaching model.  The DHH Teacher assists families to ensure that the child develops independence in being able to express their wants and needs using voice and sign language and helps with the maintenance of the equipment being used by the student.


NKESC offers certified Interpreters to those that require this service in order to be successful in the classroom setting.  This is determined by the team of professionals that are working with the student who is on an IFSP or IEP.