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The following list are Infinitec Resource items, either VHS or DVD, available in the 

NKESC Library for checkout through Assistive Technology:

*  Accessible Instructional Materials: The Basics for Educators & Families

*  Access to the Curriculum

*  ADA in the School Environment: ADA 101

    - This video series will increase your understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by identifying who is protected, what is required within the school environment, and     where additional training can be found. The first part covers the law. The second section defines disability and identifies who is protected. Part 3: This section identifies the     requirements of the ADA as they pertain to schools. Included are architectural accessibility, program accessibility, readily achievable barrier removal (private schools), the     modification of policies, practices and procedures, and the provision of auxiliary aids and services. Part 4: This section discusses service animals by providing the ADA definition,     the types of service animals, the inclusion of service animals in a students IEP or 504 plan, and the care and supervision of a service animal. Parts 5 & 6: This first section     discusses administrative requirements and what's necessary to facilitate compliance with the ADA. The second section addresses employment and nondiscrimination in hiring,     promotion and benefits. Reasonable accommodations are also discussed. The series ends with a listing of resources for additional training.

*  All the World's a Stage: The Role of Technology Among Educational Initiatives

*  Assistive Technology Assessment: Developing a Written Productivity Profile Parts I & II

*  Assistive Technology Educational Materials for Infant Toddler Providers

*  Assistive Technology for Students with Mild Disabilities

*  Assistive Technology in the Transition Process: Help your Students Develop AT Skills

*  Best Practices for Paraprofessionals Supporting Students w/Autism Spectrum Disorder

*  Beyond the Wow! iPads as Classroom Tools

*  Career Tips for People With Disabilities

*  Cognitive Rescaling

*  Comprehension Instruction

*  Computer Access: Input Options

*  Concerns & Challenges of Mental Health in Education

*  Creating e-Books

*  Flex West Autism Training Series: Behavior Strategies

*  Flex West Autism Training Series: Communication

*  Flex West Autism Training Series: Social Skills

*  Flex West Autism Training Series: Visual Supports

*  Getting to the Heart of Communication

*  Infinitec SmartSheet Guide Volumes 1, 2, & 3

*  Intervention Strategies to Engage Students and Parents Struggling with School Anxiety School Refusal 

    -This video provides information for assisting students and parents struggling with school anxiety and school refusal.  The presenter addresses how to identify a student at risk,     and then offers strategies to help manage the anxiety some students experience. 

*  Introduction to Processing

*  iPad? iPod? iAssess for AAC

*  iPad Pedagogy: Using iPad as the Ultimate Tool of Formative Assessment

*  Learning While Laughing

*  Leveling the Playing Field With Technology Solutions for Individuals w/Aspergers

*  Locating and Creating Text for Older Students who are Emergent Readers

*  Low to Mid Tech Tools

*  Managing Escalating Behavior

*  Meeting All the Needs of Students with ASD: Comprehensive Planning that Leads to Optimal Outcomes

    - This presentation introduces the Comprehensive Autism Planning System (CAPS), a tool that is used to help educational teams plan and implement a student’s program. This     framework is beneficial because teams change regularly, students often move, and knowledge about what works isn’t shared during transitions. CAPS ties together the individual’s     daily schedule with interventions.

*  Poetry Power!

*  Please Teach Me to Communicate

*  Please Teach Me To Communicate! Expressive Communication Strategies for Pre/Non Verbal Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

*  Quality Indicators for Assisstive Technology Services (QUIAT)

*  Reading Assessment Parts I, II, & III

*  Response to Intervention: From Concept to Reality

*  Sensory Motor Skills

*  SETTing the Stage for Assistive Technology in the Classroom

*  SmartSheet Guide KIC Edition, Volumes 1 & 2 

*  Speaking Dynamally Pro/Windows (Advanced Training)

*  Speaking Dynamally Pro/Windows (Basic Training)

*  Switched On Students

*  Technology Resources for All Learners

*  Text Modifications

*  The Assistive Technology Continuum

*  The Journey to AT Success: From Consideration to Implementation

*  Tools to Support Executive Functions 

*  Tweaking the Four Block Model for Children with Autism & Severe Disabilities Parts I, II, III, & IV

*  Using Assistive Technology to Support Math Success Parts 1-4

*  Warm Them Up to Writing: Working with Reluctant Writers

*  Writing Instruction

*  You Can Make a Difference & Know It: Evidence-Based Practice in Reading

***NOTE***  Because the Assistive Technology Department and the NKESC Library is graciously receiving ongoing resources from Infinitec, this list should be considered "In Progress."