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Are you, or someone you know frustrated trying to use the telephone? Is it difficult to hear or understand the conversation? Do others have a hard time hearing you, or ask you to repeat yourself often? Is it challenging to dial a phone with small buttons or hard to read displays? Perhaps you don’t always hear the telephone ring or can’t get to the telephone in time before the caller hangs up.

The Kansas Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) can provide you with a telephone specifically designed to help you with any of these difficulties.  TAP is an equipment distribution program.  The purpose of this program is to provide specialized telephones and other telecommunication devices to Kansans with disabilities who can’t use traditional home telephones.  

TAP provides these specialized telephones FREE to those that qualify. Kansas residents with existing telephone service and income below $55,000 per year will qualify if they also have trouble hearing, seeing, speaking, remembering, walking, or holding a telephone.

Please be sure to call for an appointment.


Northwest Kansas AT Access Site, Oakley, KS

Assistive Technology Department of Northwest Kansas Educational Service Center (NKESC)

Linda Zieglar

PHONE: 785-672-3125   Ext. 145



Southwest Kansas AT Access Site, Garden City, KS

302 Fleming, Suite 8E

PHONE:  785-673-9609 NKESC: 785-672-3125   Ext. 147


Contact us at:  1-800-KAN DO IT (1-800-526-3648)

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