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Migrant Education is a Title 1 Part C program consisting of two parts, Identification and Recruitment  (ID&R) and services. 

NKESC is a state-recruiting agency.  Our recruitment area spans approximately one third of the state, encompassing North West and North Central Kansas.  The recruiters work to develop partnerships with not only schools and businesses but also with community agencies in order to find families or individuals that may qualify for the program.

Once students are identified as qualifying for the program, they are eligible to receive services.  Some the of the services that we provide included:

1)        Embedded in-school tutoring

2)        Before and after school tutoring

3)        Summer School

4)        Professional development for school staff and administrators

5)        Educational materials for use within the classroom or at home. 

Parents are encouraged to participate in the program through our Migrant Parent Council.  These groups meet regularly to discuss concerns and to learn about a variety of topics relating to Migrant families.